Monday, 11 June 2012


I am currently a participant in a writing challenge being run by a guy called Jeff Goins who lives all the way over in the US of A but of course with the wonderfulness that is the Internet it feels like he is right here besides me every day, motivating, persuading, challenging and cajoling me into new writing territory.  His link is on the blog if you are interested in finding out more.Today is day 5 of the 15 day challenge.

I've managed most of the challenges to date including declaring myself as a writer, getting up earlier and writing in the mornings and commiting to going more public with my writing.  And then the weekend arrived and everyone was invited to take a break for a couple of days. 

Despite eagerly awaiting today's challenge, I had a visit from an old friend first thing this morning. I know this friend pretty well. He always arrives uninvited, he always wants to hang out and he is extremely distracting. He often sits in my writing space, and won't budge even when I ask him politely to move. He has a loud, dominant voice - I'm sure you know the sort. He is not someone I like being around. He loves to tell me his opinions particularly the negative ones. He tells me that he doesn't believe in what I'm doing, he questions who would be interested in what I have to say and he also asks me who on earth I think I am - what nonsense thinking I can be a writer. I call him Kevin, although you may know him better as Resistance. (Apologies to all you Kevins out there). 

This morning he and I had an argument about getting up early to write. He said, why bother? He added, stay in bed, it's warm and cozy and who cares whether you get up early and write. No-one's going to miss you. Sleep a little longer. It will all be ok. I listened to him for a while and his argument was quite tempting and then I heard a smaller yet clear and strong voice saying - don't listen to him. Give him the push he deserves. I want to spend time with you this morning.

It was Simone. I like having Simone visit and wish she'd stay longer. She is good fun and easy to have around. She says what if and what next? In addition, she tells me not to worry about things. She invites me to sit down beside her and write and see what happens. Let's enjoy this she says and we do. She encourages me to push myself a little harder and to get up a little earlier. When she is around there is room for the two of us in my writing space. 

Connie comes to visit too. Connie often likes to visit when Simone is around. I generally have to keep the two of them apart, as they don't always work well together. Connie is here now, giving me a nudge to get this post up on the blog. She looks over my shoulder correcting my punctuation and asking me, could we put that a little differently maybe or perhaps you might like to try it this way.

I wonder who will visit tomorrow on day 6 of the challenge. Hopefully Simone, my muse will call into my ear tomorrow morning, and Connie, my editor will swing by later to support me. I'm hoping that Kevin will give it a miss, but you just can't tell with him - he can show up at the most inappropriate moments.


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