Friday, 10 February 2012

Surrender to the Exhale

Surrender is not a word we hear very often and it can have a negative connotation in a world that often feels full of challenges.  You'll often hear people talking along the lines of winning this particular battle or I can fight this or never give up.  It all seems to indicate that you have to push and struggle onwards to get to your desired outcome. 

The word surrender is linked to giving up and in battle is an indication of defeat.  And yet at a recent yoga class during the relaxation session, the yoga instructor asked us to surrender to the exhale.  What a wonderful moment that was to just let go, let the body completely relax and yield.  It was a pure moment of being in the now and being able to escape to a place where everything felt ok - a place where thoughts were able to drift in and out of the mind and for the muscles of the body to let go and sink deeper into the support of the mat and the floor beneath.  In that moment there was a level of clarity and a sense of freedom.

In this world of rushing from one thing to the next and of trying to fight the ongoing battle to get to the end of our to do list, perhaps we should take some time to simply surrender to the exhale and let go - if only for a few moments each day.

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