Monday, 13 February 2012

Letting Go

I've just finished a giant office and household paperwork sort. Isn't it amazing what you can accumulate over the years? Articles, blog posts, things torn out of magazines and newspapers, ancient paperwork relating to houses you no longer live in or to things that you no longer own. I'm sure that you have heard yourself say too many times I'll hang onto that just in case I need it. And it turns out I didn't. I didn't need any of it. It had sat in boxes and filing cases and ring binders awaiting that moment that it would be needed and that moment never came. During this process, it's strange what can happen. I definitely felt lighter. When the paper went off to the confidential shredder or into the recycling bin, I was able to take a big sigh. It was gone. I was no longer hindered by all this unnecessary stuff.

It's easy to do this in many areas of our life. It's easy to keep amassing more of the same. I love to read and buying a book is a real pleasure to me but again just before Christmas, we had a book culling in our house. We took over 100 books to Oxfam, after all are you really ever going to read that thriller again, especially when you already know that it was the long lost cousin who committed the murders. In addition, I like the thought that someone else is going to get the opportunity to read that book that I really loved and hopefully keep passing it on.

And I'm sure that we do the same thing in our emotional lives too. We fill our heads with all this stuff - the what-ifs, the maybes, the shoulds and coulds and as a result we can easily weigh ourselves down with the thought of it all. We forget that we can choose to let go of these thoughts in the same way we can let go of a book or an old piece of paper. I know that over the years I have worried unnecessarily about things I had no real influence over and it got me absolutely nowhere. In fact, solutions often seemed to materialise more readily when I just stopped worrying and let go of the thoughts. I agree that somethings are worth hanging on to, but have a good think about what you're holding onto. Could this be a good time to let it go and to take that big sigh?

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