Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Everything-free Banana Bread

A friend of mine bought me a new cookery book for Christmas a couple of years ago.  I should probably add that she lives in America and so the book was from an American bakery based in New York. (www.babycakesnyc.com)  The recipes looked really interesting as they were gluten-free, wheat free, refined sugar free - well virtually everything free in fact.  The recipes looked a much healthily way to enjoy cake, biscuits and scones - all the things I love in fact.  Anyway, to cut a long story short, it has taken me over a year to finally bake something from the book as when I started to read what I needed there were lots of ingredients that I was not familiar with - things like agave nectar, xantum gum, coconut oil etc.  I did, however, hold these ingredients in my head and over time managed to buy them at health food stores, specialist food shops and in fact at the local Sainsburys store. In addition, I also had to convert the oven temperature into celsius and sort out the weight of the ingredients I needed as everything was measured in cups.  Yes, I know it's all quite easy to find out on the Internet now, but it's amazing how the combination of the ingredient search and adjusting to metric measurements had delayed me.  

So last Sunday I made the banana bread.  It all went quite well other than the mixture was quite firm.  It was more dough like than muffin like, making mixing in the bananas at the end quite difficult.  When I took a look at the babycakes website, their mix was far more runny than mine so not sure what I did wrong but hey I persevered and stuck it in the oven to cook.  The result is lovely.  It does have a slightly different texture to the banana breads I have cooked before and it is more dense - much more like a bread than a sponge.  And you certainly know when you have had a slice - it fills you in a way that a slice of cake does not normally do.  It lacks the usual overall sweetness of cake which sometimes I have to say I do find overwhelming so it certainly suits my taste buds.  Overall, I would have to say it is a success and I shall be trying out other recipes from the book too - so watch this space.

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