Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Welsh Rarebit and Montgomery

I was fortunate enough at the weekend to take a trip to Montgomery in Powys which if you've never been is a joy in itself.  Some would say that there really is nothing much to see and yet it is a firm favourite for both me and my husband.  One of the reasons we like to go is so that we can have something delicious at the Castle Kitchen.  If you turn up around lunchtime you will find warming soups, fresh quiches and the usual selection of sandwiches - all of which look great.  However, Andy and I both agree that their welsh rarebit takes some beating.  If it's on the menu you can order one or two slices.  Always order two - not because they are small but because once you've eaten one you just want to keep going.  How can I describe it - it's melted cheese heaven.  If you turn up after lunch, make sure you have some room for cake as there is always a wonderful selection.  At the weekend, I chose a slice of victoria sandwich and Andy opted for carrot cake - although there were also cherry and almond and apple and cinammon plus coffee and walnut and of course scones and flapjacks.  Castle Kitchen also let you know that they source their products locally and if it's a bit chilly you'll find a welcoming fire going in the downstairs woodburner.  It's a charming place and well worth a visit.  You can find them on the web here:  www.castlekitchen.org

Once you are full of lovely food, head to Bunners the local hardware store.  I know the local hardware store - why oh why would I be sending you there.  I can't say that I am a big fan of hardware stores but this one you have to see.  It has been trading since 1892 and can sell you anything from a screw or nail to cupcake cases to ride on mowers.  It is set on different floors and their range of stock is amazing.  I imagine their annual stock take must take at least a month.  Again you can check them out here: www.rhbunner.co.uk  Although the shop was not open on Sunday, we were able to read with interest they a cat they had found was currently being looked after by them.  Or in their words, he was currently enjoying their hospitality. 

So if you are looking for a little old world charm and one of the best slices of welsh rarebit that I've ever tasted add Montgomery to your places to visit list.  Enjoy

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