Monday, 30 January 2012

The Nutcracker

On Saturday I had the delight of going to see The Nutcracker at the Liverpool Empire with a very good friend of mine.  I'd never seen any ballet at all until last year so it's been a long time coming in my life and I have to say that I think I've fallen in love with it.  I find myself completely captivated for the couple of hours performance and love the beauty of it.  Saturday's performance was vibrant, very theatrical and lots of fun.  It was a Matthew Bourne production after all.

The costumes were fabulous - particularly the interpretation of Sweetieland and Tchaikovsky's music carried us along through the performance lulling us gently into a trance-like state and then picking us up and onwards through the journey.  It is for me a way to totally escape and to shut off my mind which is usually trying to analyse a hundred things at a hundred miles an hour.  During the performance, my mind was busy watching the dancers portray the story and so it had to keep up with what was happening and being soothed by the music.  It had nowhere else to go and so it settled down and enjoyed itself.  Do you find that you have activities that help your mind slow down a bit?  If so, why not share them here so we can give them a try.

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