Friday, 27 January 2012

January Blues

Today is day five of week four of January.  Boy does January seem to last a long time each year.  It can be a depressing time of year - a  bit dark, a bit gloomy, pay day seems forever away and Christmas - well let's face it - that's just something from last year now isn't it.

So today I suggest that you do something nice for yourself.  Indulge in something that you enjoy.  I'll leave the choice of what that may be to you - a longer than usual bubble bath, putting time aside for yourself to read your book or a magazine, doing some meditation, chatting with a friend on the telephone or even better meeting up with them in person, having a slice of cake, inviting your partner to join you for an unexpected meal out or cooking something wonderful and enjoying it in the comfort of your home, riding your bicycle, cuddling the cat or even booking a break away or your summer holiday - oh it seems I've listed all the nice things that I'd like to do. 

Go on be kind to yourself today and give yourself a treat - you deserve it.

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