Wednesday, 25 January 2012


I have started attending a new yoga class on a Tuesday night.  It is run by a nice man called Russell and I hope to get there most weeks if possible as one of my aims this year is to have more yoga in my life.  I particularly liked the fact that when we arrived last week, Russell announced that the theme for the evening was contentment.  He reminded us throughout the class of the theme particularly when we were struggling to get into a position or pushing ourselves too hard.  If our hands didn't touch the floor in the forward bend, he reminded us to be content to let our bodies get to where they wanted to this particular evening - to be content with things just as they are right now at this point in time.  It was good to be reminded about contentment, especially in these times of striving for the next thing and the next.  By reminding us of the contentment theme, I personally felt that the class was gentler somehow - I was given permission to just be content with everything as it was at that particular time.  There was no pressure to push my body further than it wanted to go and I was content to let my mind rest and be peaceful during the session. 

It also reminded me how easy it is to forget about times that we are content in our lives.  We rush around and try to fit everything in and often we push ourselves harder and harder.  Advertisers are always trying to sell us the next best thing rather than letting us be content with what we have - I guess that's just the way of the world.  But thank you Russell for raising this theme.  I have been thinking about it this week and considering just how content I am.  In particular one evening last week I sat in front of a fire - the burning embers warming me through.  In one hand was a hot cup of tea to sip and in the other my copy of the Complete Works of Sherlock Holmes.  I managed to finish the first part - A study in scarlet and it was fabulous.  Yes I was content and even more so knowing that I could light the fire again another night, make another cup of tea and the rest of the book was still ahead of me.

Have you considered contentment recently?  Rather than focussing on areas of discontent, can you be easy on yourself and find contentment in who you are, where you are and what you are doing right now?  If you are struggling to do so, just give yourself permission to be content.  After all tomorrow is another day.....

And if you are interested in attending Russell's yoga sessions, please check out his website here:

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