Monday, 31 October 2011

Facing your Fears

Halloween is here once again and we are reminded of witches, vampires, werewolves and all things that go bump in the night.  It seems that despite ourselves we still like a bit of a scare - whether that be watching a scary film, riding on a funfair ride that takes our breath away or by doing things that create fear for us.  And so it is with this sense of fear, that I announce to you - drum roll please - that I have signed up for nanowrimo which is a 30 day writing challenge.  Check it out at The basic principle is that during November each participant will write 50,000 words and effectively write their novel.  There are regional events called write-ins at which writers gather collectively and write together as a means of keeping up your word count or at least the opportunity to talk to others about your various methods of procrastination or plot failings.  It all begins tomorrow when I know that I have a commitment to write 1,667 words and if I don't that on Tuesday that total doubles.

I have to admit that I am slightly anxious about what will happen during the next 30 days and whether I'll be able to keep up but I am also excited about the prospect of reaching the end of November and being able to tell you that 50,000 were written by me.  Isn't that what this type of fear is about - it's the excitement and anticipation of doing something that scares you a bit, but which you know if you finish will lead to a wonderful sense of achievement.

So I shall be updating you on my progress on my blog site here.  You can probably expect some exhilarating posts, some oh crikey posts, some we're almost there posts and some posts telling you about the things I have done to distract me from actually getting down to writing.  If you have any great ideas to help me on my way, I'd be happy to hear from you as always.

Is there something that you're a bit scared of doing but know that if you did it, you'd feel just fantastic?  If so, why not join me by making a start on doing something about it.  Good luck!

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