Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Happy New Year

So it's that time again.  Time to think about the year ahead, what you would like to achieve this year, what changes you would like to make in your life, what experiences you wish to have and what places you would love to visit.  From one perspective, it's a time for thinking about change and from another, what things do you definitely not wish to change in your life?  I can certainly name some great things in my life that I'd like to continue - whether that be relationships and friendships or personal traits or things that I just wouldn't want to lose from my life.  Yes, have a think about those things too - the things that you are really grateful for and that you don't wish to change.  They are important too.

I had been thinking about my New Year goals over the last couple of days and wondering where to put my focus.  Yes I have a new business venture I am involved with and there are plenty of goals to work towards in relation to that opportunity (that's why you've seen me less on www.coachingandcakes.co.uk) and on my list every year is the goal to eat healthily and maintain a healthy weight which I have been more or less able to do in the last two years although it needs a good kick start again after the festivities.  However, I had an experience on the 2nd January which altered my perspective on the goal setting process. 

We decided to take a drive to Abersoch and to have a walk on the beach on Sunday and the weather was supposed to be dry and a bit brighter.  After a lovely drive through the countryside, we arrived at our destination and headed to the beach for a stomp.  There were a few people on the beach included a couple walking hand in hand.  We passed this couple as we headed closer to the sea and something made us turn round and look at them again.  In that moment, the man was down on one knee and was proposing to his girlfriend.  It was a a beautiful scene and from the kiss that took place once he stood up again, I presume that she said yes.  Call me a romantic, but that moment has stayed with me for a few days and made me go a bit gooey.  It was a scene that gladdened my heart and filled me with joy.  I don't know the couple and the likelihood of them ever finding this blog are remote, but I certainly wish them a lifetime of happiness together.

So what's that got to do with settings 2011 goals?  Well it made me think about setting goals that gladden the heart.  Think about things that fill you with joy and that when you make them happen will give you that warm glow of happiness deep inside you.  Is there somewhere that you really want to visit and you haven't got there yet? Perhpas this is the year to have that experience or do you really want to invest some time in helping a charity, but you've not quite got around to investigating what possibilities are open to you, or would you like to revisit an old friend that you haven't seen for an age. 

Go on, give it a try this year.  Find some things to add to your list of goals that will lift you.  Make sure that you find the time to do some things that you really want to do, rather than what you feel you should do.

Happy New Year everyone.

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