Wednesday, 29 September 2010


Isn't it funny the things that can be found to do in order to stop you doing what you actually should be getting on with.

I find Facebook, Twitter and general web searching all eat away time, whilst at the same time still being completely enjoyable.  But my most favourite avoidance strategy has to be hoovering the cat.  It seems that we both get something out of it.

What avoidance strategies do you use?


  1. Hello, Just wanted to say that this is really very funny. If mine didn't run away from the hoover I would be doing exactly the same...timewasting with a purpose.

  2. Thanks for posting hampshirecook. I love your phrase time wasting with a purpose. It has much more positive connotations than the word procrastination. I shall definitely remember this for the future and particularly when cats distract me.