Thursday, 2 September 2010

Good Old Fashioned Bartering

You may already know from other postings on this site, that I am friends with my neighbour Jean and we share the joy of baking.  Whenever I see her she will tell me about what she's been making, any recipe changes she made and how it all turned out.  She is like a walking encyclopedia of baking and only shares her sponge recipe with a select few.

Living over t'wall from her reminds me of my childhood.  I lived in a rural neighbourhood where I freely went into my neighbours' homes and produce grown was shared around.  There would always be a smile, a fresh glass of cordial or a dog to pet.  In fact the house we were attached to had a joint loft space, so whenever we got locked out we would ask my neighbour's son to climb through and let us in. 

So I like living next door to Jean, it is a return to more old fashioned values.  There is friendship and sharing.  Jean's husband Jim tends an allotment, so surplus vegetables come our way for soups and casseroles and fresh salads.  In fact last night we did some good old fashioned bartering.  I swapped two jam jars and a glass vase (which frankly was taking up too much room in the cupboard) for a jar of scrummy strawberry jam to put on scones which I am making today for friends who are visiting.

It seems a very fair swap to me.  Both parties went away happy and there may even be a couple of scones going over t'wall later today. 

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  1. Sounds like a lovely friendship. I'm wishing I had someone to swap jam with.