Friday, 9 July 2010


You may have seen from an earlier blog posting, that I am now into sprouting seeds and grains - not something I have ever done before.  Apparently there are lots of health benefits to eating freshly sprouted seeds, so I have been adding wheat grain sprouts onto my porridge in the mornings and alalfa onto salads.  I shall start experimenting with some others soon to add some variety, now that I know the process and what you have to do.

It's quite a simple process - you buy the organic seeds or grains (I buy from a man in Nantwich market who specialises in health food products), you then place some of the seeds into a jar and either place some muslin over the top and seal with an elastic band or I have a screw top lid with holes already pierced into it.  You cover the seeds with filtered water and soak them for a few hours (time depends on the seeds/grains you are sprouting) and then once soaked you rinse them morning and evening and then watch the little beauties grow.  The first time I did it, I thought nothing was going to happen and then suddenly whoosh, all the lovely green sprouts start to appear.  The germinating seeds don't like to be too hot or too cold and most generally don't like to be in direct sunlight, but if you treat them right - they'll suddenly spring into action and grow into delicious additions to your everyday diet.

This got me thinking.  When you initially get the seeds/grains, they really look quite plain and uninspiring.  It is only when they are cultivated in the right conditions, that the sprouts appear and they come into their own.  This made me wonder about the people around us.  Can we engage in a way that brings them into their own, can we go beyond what we see and dismiss any stereotype images we hold about them and connect with a deeper level that brings about more meaningful relationships for us both?  Are we creating the right conditions to get the most from our relationships with the people around us?

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