Friday, 11 June 2010

Knowing When to Quit

If you take a look at any quotes associated with quitting, they all pretty take the same approach - don't do it, quitters are losers, quitters will never get the rewards.  It's all about keeping at it. I'm sure you know the sort of thing I'm talking about.

I was reminded of knowing when's a good time to quit when I recently recounted the tale of a friend of mine who was making spaghetti bolognese for dinner for me and my husband.  This story does go back about 15 years and I have to say that this particular friend has moved on herself now in terms of culinary experience, but back to the story.  All was going ok until she realised that she had no tinned tomatoes (an essential I would suggest in a bolognese sauce) and with no time to get any, she added tomato sauce - yes good old fashioned Heinz into the pan.  When we duly arrived for supper that night, the bolognese was promptly served.  I'm not sure what exactly had happened, the tomato sauce wasn't up to the job, the spaghetti had perhaps been insufficiently drained and the moment of quitting arose, when my husband asked whether it would be ok to drain his plate of the watery sauce substance that had collected at the edge of the spaghetti.  There was a moment of tension that quickly evaporated into laughter, followed by six words we all wanted to hear "Shall we go to the pub?

Although quitting in this particular example, had no major implications, it demonstrates that there are times when it's ok to quit, to know that you gave it your best shot, it didn't work out how you expected and it's ok to move on. 

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