Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Spring Tea Party

At the weekend, we hosted a Spring tea party for some of our friends and neighbours.  This was a lovely event filled with easy going conversation, laughter and of course tea and cake.  When all the preparations are complete - cakes made and presented, table set and kettles boiled and all you are waiting for are your guests - it seems as if it was all quite straightforward.  Yet, had you visited our kitchen on Saturday night it was a different story.

Andy and I laughed about how many couples were spending their Saturday night weighing and measuring, chopping and mixing and bringing cake after cake out of the oven.  We figured not many, other than those who actually ran their own tea shops.  However, it was fun and a pleasure to see our guests tucking in and enjoying some sweet delights on a rather rainy Sunday afternoon.

In fact someone did mention us opening a tea shop.  If you're been to Nantwich you'll know that this isn't something we lack - I just had a go at counting how many we might have and came up with 12 without even trying.  And that got me thinking about whether running a tea shop would be something of interest to me.  Whilst I think I would enjoy the interaction with the customers, building a regular clientele, coming up with new ways to use the space creatively - I was certainly less sure about having to bake cakes and prepare food every day.

At the moment, I love baking cakes and enjoy that moment when you take a cake from the oven to see what you have created.  You can then experiment with different frostings, leave it plain or simply invite someone over and eat it warm from the oven with a cup of tea or a frothy coffee if your desires run that way. 

I have read much in the past about finding a passion in life and then making this your life's work.  The writing and research indicates that once you find this you will no longer consider it work - you have found your purpose and meaning in life and will throw yourself into it wholeheartedly.

When reflecting on my cake baking weekend I realised that I had learned something about myself.  Yes I love to bake cakes and yes I love to coach people but what I realised was that actually my real passion in life is about connecting with others. 

I make cakes to share with my friends and family.  Yes, I like to receive their appreciation and I like to give them a slice of something pleasurable but it is also an old fashioned way of connecting with others over a cup of tea and a slice of cake.  I also love coaching others.  I love being able to act as a catalyst for change in someone's life, to see them develop and reach a conclusion about how they might move forward.  But it is a way of connecting and hopefully a personal interaction that both parties gain from.

And look at the evolution of my website Coaching and Cakes.  I enjoy sharing two of my interests with the world, but fundamentally I am reaching out to connect, to say hello, here I am, this is me.

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