Thursday, 15 April 2010


I've had rather a spontaneous kind of week so far and it's been enjoyable because of it.  Andy had bought something on e-bay and rather than having it sent we decided on the spur of the moment to drive up to Yorkshire to collect it.  On route we had a delightful stop off at Hebden Bridge including a fresh and delicious lunch at an organic cafe there.

Having collected the e-bay item, we also decided to drop by at some friends that we hadn't seen for about 3 years.  We tried to telephone ahead but after no answer we persevered and went anyway.  And yes they were in.  So we shared cups of tea, some supper and lots of chat and catch up.  It was a lovely experience. 

It was all a bit of a risk, the e-bay man may not have been home, our friends may have had other plans that night, but the Universe was being generous and everything worked out just perfectly including snatching the last car parking space at Hebden Bridge! There are days when you just feel that everything goes your way.

The day after, we had a friend from Japan contact us and he dropped by for coffee that night.  We only had an hours' notice of his arrival but it was still time with Andy's help to pull together some cookies to have with coffee.  Oat & raisin cookies, suddenly turned into Oat, cranberry and walnut cookies as we scrabbled around in the cupboard using what was available to us.  Again, it was a lovely evening engaging with another friend who we had not seen for several months and eating cookies served warm from the oven.

Are you feeling in a spontaneous frame of mind? What might you do today in a whirl of spontaneity?  What unexpected pleasures might come your way as a result?  Enjoy the expereince whatever it might be. 

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