Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Attitude Cakes

My neighbour and good friend Jean has a term for cakes that don't turn out quite as you expect.  She calls them "attitude cakes". I love this saying. I'm sure you know the sorts of cakes we mean - Victoria Sponges that slope down at one side, cupcakes that spill over the tops of their cases and buns that are just a bit too crisp for their own good.  Her view is that often these cakes are a reflection of our own attitude when making them.  Maybe we were not really in the mood to bake, but had already committed to doing it, perhaps we rushed through the process or we just didn't give our full attention to the job in hand.  In summary - maybe our hearts weren't it.

And isn't this just the same in life too.  Not every outcome turns out as we want it to and if we reflect on the reasons why perhaps it is linked to our own attitude when trying to reach an end result.

So my recipe to avoid attitude cakes is:
  • Know from the outset what cake you wish to bake
  • Have the right equipment to complete the task
  • Select the best ingredients you can afford
  • Give your attention and avoid distractions
  • Be prepared to make adjustments along the way
  • Give appropriate time and space to the process
  • Seek help and guidance from others if necessary - we don't know it all
  • Be patient - cakes don't always like to follow a prescribed route - they may need more mixing, an adjustment to the ingredients or less or more time in the oven than described
  • Relax and enjoy the experience
  • Finally, dust with love and share with others

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