Monday, 15 March 2010

Mother's Day

Yesterday was Mother's Day. It was a day for me to reflect on the beauty and sheer wonderfulness of my own mother who sadly passed away in 2008. In order to celebrate her life and share a little bit of her with you, I am attaching a poem she wrote about Spring. I hope you enjoy it.

The Marriage of Winter and Spring

King Winter, in his snow-white cloak
Boldly strutted round
Jack Frost, his faithful servant
Had frozen all the ground
Sir William Wind, Prime Minister
Blew through the countryside
Birds found little shelter
Alas, some of them died
Lord Hailstone and his sister Sleet
Were cruel to the people
The young ones who could take it
Pitied the old and feeble
A snowdrop took a look at the world
And said to herself, "Oh Dear
Can't we do something?" she whispered
In a beautiful crocus' ear
They sent for the Princess of Spring
Who was young and lovely and gay
A herald of daffodil trumpets
Proclaimed her coming that day
She arrived in a dress made of blossom
Tied with a ribbon of green
One look was enough for King Winter
He asked her to be his Queen
She brought all her friends to the palace
Lady Violet and Primrose, her niece
Billy Breeze became the court jester
As he laughed in and out of the trees
There was Iris, the lady in waiting
The Catkin family as well
Daisy, the Duchess of Greenlawns
And the beautiful Countess Bluebell
The people are happier now
And they all remember the day
When the Princess of Spring
Met the cold Winter King
And melted his heart away.

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  1. Great way to celebrate the day and a lovely photo too!