Monday, 1 March 2010

An Inspirational Trip

After a couple of days last week feeling a little under the weather, I was ready to leave the house again and have some fun. Andy checked out weather reports to find out where we might get a glimpse of that big yellow ball in the sky fondly known as “The Sun”. Yes you remember it. So finding out that a guest appearance would be made later that afternoon in Wales, we ambled around Nantwich Farmer’s market for an hour buying lovely things, (last Saturday of the month – for anyone who wants to come along to the market) and then jumped in the car and drove across to Aberdovey.

We arrived at exactly the same moment as the sun, went and bought a cone of hot, crispy, salty chips and walked along the beach – holding our faces up like sunflowers to feel the warmth of the sun. I can’t explain how much better I felt seeing the sun, eating fresh chips and being able to walk on the beach. It was a real tonic and felt good for the soul. So it was a great trip but perhaps not inspirational you might be thinking.

So where does the inspirational aspect come on board? Well in fact it was the visit to the “chippy”. I was most surprised to be served my chips by an ex work colleague. I discovered that both she and her husband had given up their roles in the Finance industry to take on a new challenge, do something different and to be able to look at the beautiful views across Aberdovey bay.

She is an inspiration to me and no doubt lots of other people for having the courage and confidence to follow a dream. So here’s to Sue and Paul – wishing you a spring, summer, autumn and winter filled with sunshine and fish and chip hungry customers!

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