Sunday, 14 February 2010

Coaching and Cakes

So why a website and blog about coaching and cakes. Mainly because these subjects are dear to my heart. I work as a professional coach and love to see the changes that people are able to make as a result of coaching. In addition I love cake!! I love eating it and baking it. I love being able to turn some random ingredients into something quite glorious and I personally have learnt a lot from my baking experiences which I hope to share with you. And it won’t just be cake we’ll be discussing.

As you’ll see if you decide to join me regularly on this site that sometimes I’ll choose to blog about topics related to my thoughts on life generally incorporating some of my coaching background. Other days the focus may well be on baking and cooking specifically. And then other entries might be a combination of my thoughts on how baking and coaching can be mixed together in the bowl – along with some questions and challenges to think about and consider. Hopefully the recipe will work and we’ll see some interesting results.

Hope to see you here again soon........

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