Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Baking Therapy

I am what can only be described as grumpy today.  The day has not gone quite how I expected.  I had a last minute cancellation on an appointment, the day has been disjointed and I feel irritable.

Monday, 15 March 2010

Mother's Day

Yesterday was Mother's Day. It was a day for me to reflect on the beauty and sheer wonderfulness of my own mother who sadly passed away in 2008. In order to celebrate her life and share a little bit of her with you, I am attaching a poem she wrote about Spring. I hope you enjoy it.

Monday, 1 March 2010

An Inspirational Trip

After a couple of days last week feeling a little under the weather, I was ready to leave the house again and have some fun. Andy checked out weather reports to find out where we might get a glimpse of that big yellow ball in the sky fondly known as “The Sun”. Yes you remember it. So finding out that a guest appearance would be made later that afternoon in Wales, we ambled around Nantwich Farmer’s market for an hour buying lovely things, (last Saturday of the month – for anyone who wants to come along to the market) and then jumped in the car and drove across to Aberdovey.

Silver Frosting

Having just glanced in the mirror, I realise that it’s time to visit my trusted hairdresser once again. I noticed that I have my very own silver frosting!!
It may look good on cakes, but I’m not convinced it’s for me just yet.